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Hydrophilic gum(10)    ,    Plant protein(3)    ,    Preservatives(10)    ,    Phosphates(13)    ,    Vitamin(7)    ,    Sweeteners(10)    ,    Antioxidants(3)    ,    Acidulants(7)    ,    Flavourings(5)    ,    Plant extract(41)    ,    Amino acid(5)    ,    Defoamer(6)    ,    others(1)
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edible gelatin
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium/CMC
Gellan Gum
Konjac gum extract glucomannan flour
Sodium Alginate
refined Kappa carrageenan with particle size 200 mesh
Food grade Agar agar
Xanthan Gum
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